Roundtable session: Maximise the mountains profile in Horizon 2020!

1. Introduction

The tool to maximise the mountains profile in H2020 was at the center of this roundtable session. This tool is the strategic research agenda “Mountains for Europe’s Future”, which, simply speaking, aims at getting more mountain research topics into the 2018-20 workprogrammes and calls of H2020.  The objective of the session was to to gather feedback to the draft agenda. The insights and concerns described in this blog are thus not of general nature, but concern the draft research agenda only.

The main discussions of the session took place in working groups organized according to the thematic chapters of Mountnains for Europe’s Future. Working groups amended these chapters, and the results are captured in the individual chapters. If you are interested in looking at the drafts as they were presented today, please check them out on Google docs: Texts open for commentsDraft of layouted version.

If you are interested in the revisions made at the roundtable, use this link: Revisions / additions made at the roundtable session (will be finalized by the evening of Tuesday 6 October).

2. The plenary discussions brought insights valid for the whole advocay effort

  • As the draft is now it is a again divided up into discplinary sections. ACTION ITEM: highlight the importance of interlinkages.
  • Ecosystem services: crucial to state for which ESS we need people in mountains! ACTION ITEM: Make a clear statement that (most) ESS are the result of human presence in mountains.
  • H2020 logic includes of notion of continuing and unlimeted economic growth. ACTION ITEM: reflect this notion critically.
  • The topic Natural hazards is crucial for mountains, but are not to be found in the draft. In current workprogrammes the topic is to be found under “Security”. ACTION ITEM: make a statement that natural hazards should be included under Climate Action.
  • Space observation (= different H2020) section is another field relevant for mountain research. Remote sensing activities could be founded under space observation. ACTION ITEM: To include in the strategic research agenda.
  • Social impact assessment as concept to include.
  • Look at an exemplary H2020 workprogramme and define the level of detail. E.g. each call within a WP has a main heading (e.g. Water innovation – boosting its value for Europe) and then various sub-headings (e.g. Harnessing EU water research and innovation results for industry, agriculture, policy makers and citizens ). ACTION ITEM: The recommended research activities should aim at the level of the sub-headings, and explain with a few keywords what we want to see under this sub-heading.
  • Timing is of key importane for the advocay effort. The group has to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Ideally the group builds up a reputation and will eventually be asked to contribute by writing individual calls. ACTION ITEM: precise timeline based on H2020 timeline.

3. Outlook

“Mountains for Europe’s Future” is to be understood as a tool.

  • A tool to get the research themes of the mountain research community into H2020,
  • but mainly a tool to form a voice of the European mtn research community, and to make the EU Programme Committee aware of this voice. A tool to build our reputation as an active community who advocates for their concerns.
  • A tool also to make us (the mtn researchers) aware of the fact, that we have to do advocay, that we cannot simply wait for the WPs and calls to happen to recognize the importance of mountains.
  • A working tool, not a final monumental product. It is meant to be adapted, taken up later by other groups, developed into sth new and different as needed.

Thanks a lot to everyone for having participated so actively and having shared your ideas! All roundtable participants will be involved in the next steps.

Join us for the Thursday planning meeting!
8 October 2015, 15.00 to 18.00 at the Royal George Hotel

Background information on this advocacy effort.


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