Urbanization in mountain areas in the frame of metropolitisation and global change

This session aimed to focus on processes of urbanization which includes urban enlargement, urban-rural linkages, functional change of rural areas but also possible countertendencies. In this sense the announced titles for presentations were promising.

Presenters were: Marcus Nüsser and colleagues /Heidelberg), Raghubir Chand (Nainital/India), Xuegian Song and colleagues (Chengdu/China), Haavard Teigen (Lillehammer/Norway).

The experience with the 12 minutes format showed that it can offer better possibilities for treating a certain topic than the old 20 minutes length of time. After the cancelling of three contributions the necessary time was given. But the presented research cases were too far away from each other and the understanding of urbanization was too divergent to make this fruitful. Therefore, the debate about “Deglomeration Economies and Strategies”, which corresponded best to the session topic, unfortunately could not be intensified – neither by the presenters nor by the audience.

The session was handicapped by the accumulation of a previous lunch session not ended in time and a not finished USB-installation. So we could only realize during the session that three contributions were missing.

mp, 09.10.2015

Manfred Perlik, PhD, Associated Professor, Centre for Development & Environment (CDE), University of Bern/Switzerland and Laboratoire PACTE, UMR 5194, Université de Grenoble/France




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